Our Fleet

Piper Chieftain


The newly painted Navajo, N59982, is a sight to behold. Its fresh coat of paint glimmers in the sun, making it stand out on the tarmac. But it’s not just the exterior that has been renovated. The interior has also undergone a complete transformation, with executive style cream colored leather seating that exudes luxury and comfort. The air-conditioned cabin offers a peaceful and relaxing environment, allowing passengers to sit back and unwind during their flight. Tray tables provide a convenient space for working or enjoying a meal, while complimentary snacks and beverages add an extra touch of comfort. With its stress-free and enjoyable travel experience, N59982 is the perfect choice for those seeking a comfortable and luxurious way to travel, whether it be for business or pleasure

LearJet 31A

Learjet 31A is designed to accommodate up to eight passengers and offers ample space for relaxation and work. The seats are ergonomically designed with adjustable headrests and armrests, providing maximum comfort during long flights. The cabin is also equipped with noise-cancellation technology, which significantly reduces external noise and ensures a quiet and peaceful environment. The Learjet 31A is also renowned for its speed, reaching cruising speeds of up to 845 km/h, allowing passengers to reach their destinations quickly and efficiently. Overall, flying on a Learjet 31A provides a luxurious and comfortable experience, making it an ideal choice for business executives and those seeking the ultimate in air travel comfort.